As USATT Coaches we might occasionally become the target of internet scammers. Below is an example of such attempts.

You might consider treating this message as one of the many internet/email scam messages, in particular avoid responding.

From: "Mr. Derick Bentley" <>
Subject: Table-Tennis Instructor Needed

Hi there,

I send you Compliments and greetings and  Hope you having a great week?
Anyway I and my wife are looking to hire a  qualified
coach for our child who is 14yrs old. What we wanted for our child is
a just a general brush-up with training and in any areas our child
might be have difficulties with. If you are available and qualified,
kindly get back to me with your rates and your location and hopefully
an arrangement can be duly made then.

Have a nice day.


Mr. Derick Bentley