Coaching Advisory Committee Scope and Responsibilities:

  1. Review and recommend domestic and international coaching /education program, and opportunities.
  2. Review coaching exchange of information program, nurture and establish same
  3. Review and recommend domestic coaching education programs and opportunities
  4. Consult with the HPC in the selection criteria of national team coaches and make selection of minimum qualified candidates
  5. Publish national and regional coaching certification procedures
  6. Appoint, certify, train and monitor certified coaches
  7. Conduct domestic certification programs for coaches
  8. Present a clear path for certification programs for coaches for posting on the website
  9. Review and update all Coaching related materials on the website
  10. Conduct the Annual Coach of the Year Selection Process
  11. Produce a written report to the Board on an annual basis
  12. Keep and maintain minutes for website publishing on CAC meetings and teleconferences
  13. Other assignments as may be given by the Board or CEO